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Steps Taken By The Lagniappe For Its Employees

Posted by Vartika Daga on

corona safety measures by photo watch company lagniappe

COVID-19, alias Corona Virus, the pandemic, has become an invisible war against which the whole world is fighting in their own way. Around half of the countries in the world, which is severely impacted in this war, are under lockdown. Some countries have taken this decision as a safety measure for the life of their citizens and some countries where the situation was not good have no other options but to lockdown itself. The virus is now spread over all countries across the globe so far, claiming around one lakh lives and the numbers are still counting. Countries are taking impactful measures now, like maintaining social distancing, hygiene and cleanliness to mention a few and we hope that mankind will soon be able to defeat the outbreak and overcome it. As there is a complete lockdown across the globe, the global economy has hit very badly. Businesses, offices, shops, malls, and everything has come to a standstill, even schools and colleges are taking the classes online. This was the demand of situation right now and we as a responsible citizen are ready to help the Mother Nature to get back on its track. We can just hope and pray for the well being of the world and we believe that the economy will rise again, and mankind will rise again, everything will be back to its track, just a few days of lockdown and other safety means. Our organization, The Lagniappe India, is also keeping up with the regulations that our government has issued to counter this pandemic. And in this current scenario, we have shut down our operations and taking of care of our most valuable assets – our employees.

Steps that are taken by us for our employee’s welfare:

Work From Home To Maintain Social Distancing

Right now we have ceased our production. Manufacturing is stopped for now and other departments like marketing, tech, and accounts have been regulated to work from home. And all our employees are provided with every help to assure swift commencement of the work. As mentioned by Government officials, we have informed our staffs to install Arogya Setu application in their phone. Also, all the employees working from home have been told to take instant action if they notice any kind of illness related to Corona Virus symptoms. Health is the priority for now, work is secondary in the list.

work from home

Online Attendance System To Make Lockdown Successful

We are working proactively with government norms for the benefit of lives. We are taking attendance of our staff members over phone and to ensure there is no physical contact between staff members, we have stopped our fingerprint scanning attendance system for now. We are also encouraging our staffs to maintain a healthy hygiene and maintain social distancing by avoiding unnecessary hopping in streets.  Some departments are getting paid leaves and other are working half day. Now all the employees can mark their attendance through their mobile phones/emails. By doing this, we are minimizing the risk of getting infected from this deadly disease. These measures will create awareness among them as well as among their neighbor and society.

online attendance system

Full Paid Leaves


As our government officials are requesting again and again to all the employers not to cut down the salaries of the staffs, as they are not in fault, we have taken a step ahead giving paid leaves to our all employees even for operating from home. We have made some advance payments for their day to day expenses and other emergencies as this is time we can show humanity. We have also outlined a plan to allocate paid leaves to those who are in emergencies. The Lagniappe India promises not to let their employees suffer a financial stress.

paid leaves

Office Remains Closed


Our office is closed for now until government gives permissions to start them. We are working proactively and assure sanitization of full office premises once office gets started again. We will also take care of hygiene and other safety measures in future.




Prohibition on Sharing Personal Belongings


Earlier sharing was caring but for now social distancing is the right care. Keeping in view, we have imposed a total prohibition on employees to share any personal properties such as water bottles, lunches, cigarettes etc. amongst each other. Corona virus spread rapidly through physical contact as well as getting in touch with objects which were used by an infected person. Even employees are asked not to share their laptops unless necessary (that too after sanitizing precisely).



no sharing for now

Maintain Hygiene


We have advised all the employees to keep washing their hands thoroughly with a decent hand wash after regular intervals. All employees are adviced to wash their hands after every 60 minutes as recommended by the doctors. Staffs are provided with face masks and it is made mandatory to have the masks on every time on streets.



proper hygiene

Over and above, mailers are being sent to keep the employees motivated for work. And to follow the guidelines issued by the government, we keep our employees updated. In the worst case, if any employee will be found infected, we will be the first one to take care of that.



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